Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Neighbors...

I volunteered for Christmas Neighbors today.  Christmas Neighbors is an organization that donates toys, hats, mittens and scarfs, and used items.  We put all of the items out the day before opening. And then people 'in need' come through with shopping carts and shop for Christmas for their kids and their families.  It's crazy the people the come through, 500 people at last count.  I know that some people take advantage of the system.  But, for those people "really" in need, benefit tremendously.  I love to see the smiles on their faces when they come through the lines the next day.

This post is about the volunteers.  Hence why I posted this picture with this post.

Many of us are volunteering.  And as well all know, volunteers are coming in to help on their own time.  They aren't getting paid.

I noticed as people we doing the work for people, the leaders would expect people to do what they wanted them to do.  Not necessarily guiding them, but telling them what to do next.  Now, these people are adults.  Many have been around the block and back.  And I laughed, when I would watch the behaviors of those 60 year olds, listening to those who demanded the next step.  Not considering the person might have a mind of their own.  Choice matters.

I could see the frustration in their face as they listened to the commands.  The person leading wasn't doing, they just said, do.

I laughed at the person's response. That person being told what to do, positioned them self  to not actually 'do' what the person told them to do, out of respect for them self.

The "leader" in this case, wasn't really the respected leader, but someone demanding someone to do the meticulous things they thought was the way to do it.

I realize how important it is to speak, then do what I expected.  Because, I asked someone in her 80's to do a simple task for me to help me out, she quickly responded, "No."   I then quickly picked up the mittens and curled them together, did what I mentioned.  Showing how it would help the person who would eventually lay these mittens out on the table for display.  Eventually, she mentioned how she was doing it going forward.

So, when you look at the quote in the picture, " Great leaders don't tell you what to do... they show you how it's done."

I thought it was pertinent to this volunteer situation.

A simple task to a simple behavior solution.

Let's respect ourselves and others.

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