Monday, December 31, 2012

Fitness Goals...

Fitness Goals. 2012 Was a year of transition for me! As I look back at my stats, I didn't really "try" for PR's. My try was to just get out there and "do something." As many of you with or who have had injuries know, bouncing back from a major injury is not as easy as one would think. Some people, like Adrian Peterson (Vikings), who had ACL surgery like mine, must have "some" support team (& $) and mental drive to get back. To make all of those records in a new year. But, for me, it was about getting out there! Just getting started was an achievement for me.

Totals for the year: 247.43 Miles Running, 832.43 Miles Biking, 558.41 Miles Walking. 2013 is going to be a new year.

My fitness goals for the year:

  • Total 1200 Miles running * Ramping up mileage, 118 miles for Jan/Feb
  • Total 1000 Miles Biking * 22 miles as cool down inside
  • Try out Boot Camp!!! * Tried boot camp, decided to do hot yoga, 40 days so far this year.
  • 1st 13.1 (half) in May since ACL surgery * Signed up for Green Bay Half
  • 1 13.1 (half) in October (fall) * Signed up for Lakefront in June instead
  • 1 organized run each month * Ran New Years Day run, did not run in Feb.
  • The Walt Disney "Goofy" weekend, which includes the back-to-back marathons, 13.1 and 26.2 (run in 2014)

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Patti G. said...

Hi Kim and Leon,
Good luck with your run today Kim, at least at the end of it, you are not jumping into Lake Michigan, like the Polar Bears(plunging)!