Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Froebel stern (German star)

Froebel stern (German star)

My cousin-in-law has an ornament exchange, she calls it 12 Days of Christmas ornament swap. Read more about it here http://pattis-creations.blogspot.com/

I got inspired by the idea, and created this one, it's a German Star! And now I'm going to make a new "stick" tree with handmade ornaments made out of old book pages.

What a great idea!

I am going to form one of these for next year. We will get together once a month starting in January and hand make an ornament. I think that will be lots of fun!!!!!!!!!

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Patti G. said...

Kim, your German Star is so pretty! I know you and your friends will enjoy creating these together! Neat!
You are going to have great fun doing your 12 Days of Christmas Swap and you will smile seeing a tree made of handmade loving ornaments. :)