Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Government Package return without consent...

Today is cookie day.  Each holiday season, I make two, peanut butter drops and white mice, or powdered wedding cakes, with chopped pecans.

I'm in the middle, mixing the ingredients, and I hear a knock on the door, hearing, "Mailman here."  I go to the door to find out the government post office decided to send back a package that was delivered to my parents.  Since they were not there to receive it, the post office was charging me the cost for shipping it back to me.  I thought, "What? ... Who called me to ask?"  Nobody.

The mailman gave me a choice to pay the extra dollars or not receive the package I sent.

I decided, to not pay.

I cannot believe this, not only does the government take my taxes, but now the post office is charging me for a decision they made to send a package back to me.

Geesh!  Frustrating, that's all I can so about this for now.

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