Friday, December 21, 2012

Little hearts make the biggest impact.

On my way home from my morning walk, I stopped to check the mailbox.

In it was a lonely envelope. I pull it out and notice hand written letters scribed in blue crayon by a child.

It reads:

As I walked toward my home, I juggled the contents.  It feels like loose change in the envelope.

Once home, I let the envelope sit on the counter for a bit before opening it.

I am contemplating the incident.  I think how special this little boy is for wanting to give a gift to his neighbor.  Not knowing the intention behind it, I think, ‘for a little person, he has a big heart.’

Before I open it, I tell my husband about the envelope.

He smiles. I tell him that we have to give him a little something for Christmas, just because it was so special.

Then, I delicately open the envelope seal; gradually opening the pocket and notice loose change, a buffalo nickel, and two pennies.

I think, 'This little boy probably took some money from his piggy bank.'

Still not knowing the reasons behind this, I only glow with love and thankfulness that a little 6 year-old boy would graciously take what little money he has and give it as a gift to a neighbor.

What a special Christmas gift!

I believe, each little person has big hearts.   This story resonates with the gift of giving.

And I will treasure this holiday story for a long time.

Sometimes, the little hearts (gestures) make the biggest impact.

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