Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Book: Women and the Glass Ceiling

Women and the Glass Ceiling 

As I close out one project, I open a new chapter, writing a book about my career and my life. (It all goes together).

The real story!

I outline my chapters and I reflect on the details of each story that I will write.

It's scary to put it all out there, but I think that the experiences will give the reader perspective and will provide lessons. Even some lessons I have yet to uncover.

An excerpt from the book...I have specific beliefs, experiences with certain genders, and types of people, "I believe these people cause my career to spin out of control.  As I try to bring my life and my career back into control, I find it isn't easy.  I learn it's a choice; my choice.  The choice I've been making all along."

You will learn about the evolution of self.

This is it, and it is perfect.  My life, my career, my story and my truth!  That is what you will hear when you read this new book, "Women and the Glass Ceiling."

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