Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two-sided coin and The ring...

There are always two sides.  Two sides to good versus evil and each person's experience in a situation and their story.

Consider the two-sided coin.  I was volunteering at Christmas neighbors last week.  Christmas neighbors is an organization that brings in donations from the community and allows those who are less fortunate to "shop around" and pick up toys, hats, gloves and food for their families for the holidays.

Someone brought up a topic about a friend in major legal trouble.  And as I was listening, I found it very heartwarming to hear one person say, "I have no opinion, there is always two sides to the story."  

This conversation made me think.  

'What if, we gave each other a chance, to open up and hear what was really going on in their world?'

and then in turn, 

'Listen... really listen to what you have to say from your experience.'

The gift of listening and perspective.  Later in the week, I attended a family gathering.  And found out that one of my family members was going through a horrific incident and there was no support from the organization that might have caused the situation.  Keep an open mind without judgement, that's all we need to do.  Be there and listen.  

Consider the ring.  The Hobbit came out in theaters recently.  The ring brings evil, your inner voice has to overcome evil and stand strong in your will to be good.  It's your considerations and choice.  It's a battle between self.   Once you choose, it's harder to get out of the evil situation.  But, I believe, there is always time to mend.  Even if you make a mistake, you can change it.  You have to willingly ask for forgiveness and accept the results.  We hope that the person on the receiving end is willing to accept the apology as well.

Take care of you.  This year was a selfish and selfless journey for me.  I discovered that it's okay to take care of myself and do what matters to me, instead of listening to that little voice in my head saying it is wrong to be selfish.  I know now, that if I don't take care of me, then who will?  During this open-ended journey, my life has changed.  

I hope each of us remembers there are always two sides to a story (the coin <the story & the person perspective> & the ring <good vs. evil>) and that you must always accept you for you.  

There are many possibilities in life! You make a choice in life, to either open up to change and forgiveness or not.  Give forgiveness a chance, it might surprise you the world of possibilities that open up for you.  

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