Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is your wish list for this year? My SMART Goals for 2013

My Wish List and Goals for the 2013 New Year! :)

I am writing my wish list with hefty goals. I am also giving myself advice for the coming year.  

And now that I have this posted, I will keep you updated periodically on my progress and will blog about my experiences and thoughts around each of these goals and will share as my wish comes true!

Here goes...

My Wish List:
To be recognized for my hard work and talent.
To be healthy, wealthy and happy.
To be positive and listen without judgment.
To never give up and keep forging forward.
To be surrounded with family and friends who I love!

Purpose - I want to change people's perspective, even if it's impacting one person.  Integrity, equality and character.  

My Goals:
I am a Successful Well-sought After Professional and am connected with people, inspiring to achieve our dreams. (personal & professional)
1.     I will have a high paid secure job that is satisfying and fulfilling and is full-time using my expertise and skills. Status!! l have a consulting job.  And am partnering with DragonFly Inc.
2.     I will have new 1 book on leadership published and a 2nd book underway about women and/or bullying.  1 book is published and available to the mass market in 2013. Status!! leadership book published in summer 2013.  
3.     I am a guest on highly televised TV and/or Radio, talking about these concepts. *Nothing yet.
4.     I have a signed agreement with several major corporations. Status...  State Government.

I am a driving force behind positive change through the power of the Arts and Sciences, bringing people's spirit back and inspiring people to want be accountable.  (personal & professional)
1.     I will have proposal written and funding approved for pilot program, currently named Science, Math, Art, Research and Technology (SMART) Engineering! Status!! Presented at Think Tank in July!  SMART Kids TV concept developed in presentation format. Kickstarter campaign will began in October.  Here's the website:
2.     I will have Nate the Dragon screen play written and sponsorship or grants to support the musical to be performed in at least 5 states. Status!! Neil Haven completed writing the script for the musical.  WE HAVE A COMPOSER!!!!! YAY!
4.     My documentary, Advice from Extraordinary Women, will be accepted in the Wisconsin Film Festival, and we will have a sold out show! Status!! Incorporating into workshops.
5.     I will receive sponsorship or grants for a new sequel of Advice from Extraordinary Women. (Focus: To promote group dialogue and awareness, prompt conversations and bring to the forefront). Status!! ?
6.    I am the On-boarding Strategist for an International group (both MESA International and SWE International). Status!! Yes.
7. I will have taken action on the plans to expand my business.  Status!! Workshops and Coaching.

Focusing on preparing for transition and retirement.

  • To figure out spring/summer/fall months. (sig other will own, I will develop financial plan)
  • To figure out where we will spend out winter months, small place in the South America or south in North America,   (Travel to these places to decide) - through 2014
  • To decide on what to do with our current home... sell or put our home into homeaway for vacationers.
  • Buy a new car (Jan 2014) - done

I am focusing on my well-being. (personal)
1.     I will travel (on vacation and for entrepreneurial events). Status!! 
Traveled to:
  • South Africa
  • Nashville Tennessee
  • Baltimore Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Ashland, WI (Cooper Falls, breathtaking)
  • New York City (speak at schools)
2.     I will execute a new workout plan. Status!! On track.
3.     I will have a new way to manage my diet, daily eating plan, I will reach out to a nutritionist expert to help me redesign my eating. Status!! Vegan or Plant-based diet. (blogging about it, day 73, 6 months in)
4.     I will have a signed agreement with MESA International to work as a virtual strategist.
5.     I will successfully complete my first half marathon since my surgery in 2011. Status!! Ran 12 already this year.  Recorded on Blog!!! 

I am a student of life and continue to learn about myself and others, stay connected with family and friends, and have a number of mentors and coaches who support me in my personal and professional life. (education)
1.     This year, I will have made a decision on whether to pursue a doctorate program and take action according to my choice. Status!! Looking into Doctorate in Business at UW Whitewater.  Not sure yet!
2.     I will continue to volunteer for the university (as a mentor and advisor), SWE (as a coach and board member) and MESA International (board of directors). Status!! 

  • SWE Wisconsin Section Representative
  • Region E Leadership Coach
  • Region X Onboarding Strategist
  • Developing and leading several new programs:
  • Read a book in an hour (Lead 2 sessions)
  • T-Shirts designed for participating in run/walk events
  • Connecting Schools with professionals
  • Connection SWE-Wi with corporations
  • Developing SWE within corporations
  • Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you respond to those mistakes that matters. 
  • Follow your heart and you will always see the nice side of others first. 
  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past and remember to forgive others, no matter how small or big of a mistake that was made. 
  • Always explore new options that are presented to you and open your heart to advice for growth. 
  • Always be yourself, and don't allow others to alter who you are for what you represent.

Now it's time to check out to see how things evolve.  Stay Tuned and watch this year unfold!

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