Saturday, January 19, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 12

It's going on day 12, and I'm still doing well on my vegan diet.

One thing that is becoming very clear to me is the exactness and pro-activeness I am taking in what I eat. Before making the decision to vegan, I was a vegetarian, opting to have a burger here and there. Not really thinking twice about what I put in my mouth. Not thinking about combining produce to make sure it was fulfilling all of my dietary needs. Simply put, when I was hungry, I ate. And whatever was available, I would eat it.

Since, I am not an advocate or practitioner in the kitchen, in short I'm not a very good cook, allowing my husband to take on that role. A lot of this is due to practice.  He loved creating in the kitchen, and my thoughts were, have at it! More power to you.

 Sometimes the meals he made were American-style, sometimes hearty and other times they were pretty much related to my vegetarian dietary focus.

If there was no food prepared and I was hungry, I ate what was there. Sometimes too lazy to put something together, I'd grab a bowl of unhealthy foods, or munch on candy or chips. Many times, it was as easy as creating a simple pasta dish with butter and herbs.

Now that I've chosen to eat vegan, I have to be much more aware of what I put in my mouth. It cannot have any dairy or meat products at all. Or contain anything like that; even candy has milk in the chocolate.

There are still many things I come across, questions, like can I eat honey, since it comes from something that is living. But, isn't a plant living too? And the level of veganism I choose to take. Like will I incorporate olive oil into my diet? So, there is a steep learning curve, but I am up for it.

 I feel good about how I am eating and I am seeing my husband taking actions in a similar direction.

It's all good, and I'm happy to report I am enjoying my choice to go vegan so far.

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