Saturday, January 26, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 19

So here I am day 19!  I have been very disciplined eating fresh produce; fruits and vegetables as my snacks during the day and proactively preparing meals the week before and having lunch and dinner quickly accessible and available to me at my finger tips.  So, when I am hungry, I have good food available without putting junk foods in my body.  I am starting to feel a shift in how I feel.  Especially in the mornings when I wake up, very early I might add.

I'm one of those "early birds"  they say your make-up is either early or late and it all depends on how you were raised.  I tend to take after my dad in that manner.  He always got up early, went to work early and arrived home early, to relax and get a good late afternoon and evening of time in to do things.  My schedule is a little different, but I too wake up before the crack of dawn, am most productive at that time and during the morning hours and then before going vegan  (vee-guhn), I would start to drag in the late morning and early afternoons.  In fact, I would force myself to get outside around the noon hour, take in some fresh air, and walk; just to wake myself up again.  Before, I would say, 'I need to invigorate my body so that I had energy for the afternoon hours.  I'm so exhausted.'

Before I changed how I eat, I was too tired to do anything.  I would force myself to get up and go to social events, and would stand in a haze as I listened to my friends or went out with my favorite guy.  This, I learned, was a very sleepy way to live.

As I take on the vegan diet (or as some just call it the produce diet) shift; I've altered my attitude and tenacity!  I wake up very early in the morning, and now my mind is crystal clear, I don't feel like I am in a haze and dreamily moving in the waking hours, instead, I'm up, my mind is alert and I'm ready for the activities I set before me.  In fact, later in the morning, I don't have that lethargic sleepy feeling I use to get on my the diet I was not pro-actively managing before.

I think part of this shift is that I am eating fruits and vegetables, like baby carrots and broccoli, as a snack in the late morning and early afternoon.  I eat before I get tired or hungry.  There are no hunger pains because I am pro-actively eating something healthy.*  And I don't crave chips or candy as an afternoon snack, like I have before the diet shift.

If anything, one could take away this: even if you don't choose to go vegan or on a produce only diet, you can focus on creating, planning and shopping for your meals a head of time.  It makes all of the 'good food' available to you, easy accessible for you to pick up and eat.

Knowing that I've chosen this dietary route, my favorite guy always has our large fruit bowl on our counter in the kitchen stocked with oranges, apples, bananas and cuties (or as I mistakenly say, "smarties," subconsciously I'm sure because I'm "being smart" because I'm choosing to pick up the cutie orange instead of a chip or candy).

There are many reasons for my experience of feeling more alive with a more vivid mind, and these are:
  1. Being more proactive in my diet,
  2. Planning a head so that I am getting the proper daily nutrition my body needs,
  3. Eating more natural foods (the focus on Vegan diet is helping me do this), and
  4. Results, feel 100% better!
You truly are 'living how and' what you eat, inside and out!

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