Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 5

Another day, today it was rough.  More thinking, on again off again.  I really like my sweets and know that I can't have it, because of the strictness of this diet.  So, whenever I think of food, I grab an orange or another bowl of vegetable bean soup.  And for my meal I have some of my vegan lasagna (I took a picture here), which if filling for a bit, but, not always the most tasty.  It seems kind of bland, but I am noticing different flavors popping as I eat these foods, my taste buds are waking up.

I think I've eaten more in the past two days than my last couple weeks.

I am not certain how my body will adjust, but I can say there are some symptoms of being in my late 40's, like when I bend my knees are stiff, my fingernails are bumpy (they say that's signs of arthritis later in life), I tire easily, and my neck and bones crack when I move them.  I started feeling uncomfortable like this for over ten years now.

Coming into day 5 of stripping dairy out of my diet, I'm waking up much easier to get my workouts in.  I can't say I feel profoundly better, as of yet and it probably won't happen overnight for me.  And I have a much bigger appetite, I feel like I'm eating all of the time to fulfill my hunger, or maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me, looking for that next treat.  Cheese is one of those things that is very tough to avoid.  Emotionally, I see cheese and I want it.  I read that there is highly addictive quality of cheese.  And in reading several experienced vegan veterans, they say that, once the dairy products are gone for good, their body felt renewed.   We'll see...

I think we consume more dairy, out of all of the other animal ‘food’ that I am giving up, without even realizing.  Most of us truly believe that dairy is good for us. I was talking to my daughter about milk, and how it has an odor, that we've been conditioned to drink it since birth.  She brought up a good question, "Why is it that we naturally are designed to drink mother's milk then?"  Something to do a little more reading about to understand this more. In the meantime, I want to change our underlying expectation that diary and meat is 'good for us' and without it we will be sick.

Last year, Dreena Burton, a seasoned Vegan, created a list of 13 reasons to ditch dairy.  I think it's interesting stuff and would like to share.

I keep reading, looking up recipes, preparing lunches for the next week, so that I won't have an excuse to say I'm hungry and there isn't the appropriate foods available.

I keep forging forward, staying the course.

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