Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 6

Going Vegan: Day 6

I'm doing well so far, in fact I felt less groggy when woke up very early this morning to get my workout in. Something good is happening, I can feel it.

I had a protein shake waiting for me in the fridge, after eating a full breakfast, I drank that down as well.  I'm still working through getting my exercise routine down, and my body to feel good during workouts.  But, that is about muscle strength and endurance; which doesn't have as much to do with my diet as it does to get my muscle memory back in order.

As far as my diet, I can't quite explain it yet.  I feel like the haze in my groggy head in the a.m is gone.  Even throughout the day, I don't seem to get tired and lethargic like I do mid-day.

I still admit, the cheese is going to be an issue; but, again, it's addictive and can see this as all in my head.

My friend offered ideas for cheese substitute, I should look into Daiya Vegan cheese, she also offered a yummy looking recipe Coconut Daal, and my runner friend offered a Vegan version of Spankopita (spinach pie).

I'm receiving all sorts of Vegan recipe ideas.

*I'm still ferreting through it all and taking everything one step at a time!

But, so far so good!


Mary Lowisz said...

I love spanikopita, let me know how it turns out and share the recipe, please.

BadMotherRunner said...

There is an awesome recipe for a ricotta substitute using tofu as the main ingredient. When I make lasagna with it, no one is the wiser. Good luck with your endeavor- I have alternated between vegetarian and vegan for about 16 years, and I too, am hoping this is my year to finally make a lifelong commitment to a whole- foods vegan diet.