Monday, January 14, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 7

Another interesting day going Vegan.  I had meetings all-day, off-site.  I wasn't very organized this morning before heading on the 2 hour trip.  My phone was dead, didn't have a navigation device and had to, literally, wing it!

When I arrived, there was a bowl of bananas, coffee, juice, teas and water.  This works, so I grabbed a banana and water, and poured a half cup of coffee.

The meeting continued all morning, until lunch arrived.  They had scheduled lunches, the offerings, without considering a Vegan, was chicken, rolls, chips, salad, potatoes and cookies and bars for deserts.  Slim pickings for me.  I grabbed a "full plate" of greens, including cherry tomatoes and celery and luckily there was a light vinegerette salad dressing, with several baby potatoes and another banana.  That was it for me, not much else.

Later in the afternoon, there was a tray of cookies passed.  None for me.  Blah, I miss out on all of the fun!

It's still not getting any easier.  I realize how much more organized I will need to be in my life around food.

So, that was day 7 for me as a Vegan.

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