Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm going vegan: Body going through Withdrawl

I haven't watched much TV lately, but I felt like taking a break and turned it on.  I happened to turn the television on to Dr. Oz.  He was talking about eating more fruits.  Explaining that fruits will detox your body.  If you switch, you need to wait it out.  Let your body go through the motions of rejecting those bad things that you've been eating all of these years.  The fruits will cleanse your body!

Well, I have to admit, I can tell that my body is going through some sort of withdrawal.  I have had a headache and  my stomach doesn't feel right.  It's ironic as I listened to his guest talk about these symptoms, the exact symptoms I'm experiencing as I cut over to a full produce (fruit, vegetable and grain) diet.

 I'm being very creative and smart about it, as I look for alternative protein solutions to make sure I'm not neglecting my body of those things needed.  Especially, because I'm back to my workout routines and soon will be picking this up as I start training for my half marathon in the spring.  And I also understand it will be critical to add B-12 to my diet, so I am conscientious about this as I look at the types of produce that will give my body B-12.

I also notice, I seem to want to eat so much more. I typically grab some almonds, oranges or bananas for a snack, to fill this void.  I know that some of this is all in my mind, because I've gotten in a routine to eat a snack in the afternoon and lots and lots of coffee during the day.  I am cutting down on my coffee, soon to ween it out all together, and the snack, well, you can guess what it was, and it certainly wasn't anything nutritious.  I am also drinking more water and getting more rest when I need it.  Of course, I have more exercise back into my daily routine.  My body is stiff, and sore, but each day I stretch it out and continue forward.   And, the biggest change is no longer eating as I see candy or chips.  Out goes the candy and salty chips, and in comes the fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts for snacks.

We'll see how these cravings continue as my schedule starts picking up.  Luckily, I started this during a slow time, but it won't be slow for long.

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