Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm going Vegan: Why not Milk?

I learned a lot about milk processing today.

I got that, over 100 years ago, we drank milk directly from the cow with the fat laying atop and the milk, of course, would be delivered in glass bottles.  The milk fat would be scraped off the top.

Today, the milk goes through so many processing cycles and then it is packaged in materials that give off oils that are not good for our bodies.  The processing causes the fat particles to become very small;  small enough that the fat particles in the milk, can now, permeate into our blood stream.

That's the skinny on milk products and fats permeating into our bodies.  Now I know the answer to the question, "Why did our Great Grandparent's eat foods on the farm and they lived long-healthly lives?"

This answers why things have changed and why we need to focus on what we are eating to ensure our bodies are getting the necessary nutrients while excluding those things that companies now process differently.

No Milk or Cheese.

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