Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Best Life

My Best Life
A Professional Speaker, Author, Consultant, Producer & Commentator talks passion, common sense and the love of the arts!

Best way to combat nerves
Exercise!  Preparation, keep contained and execution.  Don't worry and contemplate on the future event.  Relax when you can and let things pass.  I am in nerve-racking situations on a daily basis.  I negotiate with a variety of people in the industry, and I make sure I know what I'm talking about.

Best Advice
"Take time to smell the roses." and "Slow down, enjoy life."  Life creeps up very quickly, I just realized that it's already another new year and 2011 is no longer last year, it's now 2012.  Be present in the moment, create memories with those you love.  Time has a way of getting away from us if we don't.

Best Childhood Memory
I have so many good memories of being a child.  There are two that rings presently, one is being at my grandma's house for Sunday brunch, hanging out all day and doing crafts, playing with dolls and playing games outside.  And the second is playing in the fields in our backyard, creating huts for my dolls and cities where they could live and have fun!

Best Guilty Pleasure
My guilty pleasure is eating things like Nachos, beans and cheese, taco seasoning, with guacomoli and homemade greasy-salted chips.  My husband and I like to go to the theater and then share this unhealthy snack with a home-brewed beer after the show!

Best Souvenir
My husbands civil war (1863) ten cents he received from his grandpa is very special.  And I like to pick up something where ever I travel, to jog my memory, to remind me of the stories we created!

Best Hobby
My best hobby is art, I love creating if its in the kitchen trying a new recipe, its illustrating books, its writing, its producing film or coaching and inspiring others to overcome their fear of creating their own possibilities!  My most current hobby is learning how to create stained glass for our kitchen cupboards!  I love making our home ours!

Best Gift
I have a beautiful, healthy, smart and strong daughter and a supportive husband who is my best friend.  This has been a precious gift and I am thankful for them each waking moment.

Best Vice
Thanks to my German-Russian and Dutch heritage, I cannot get enough of savory foods like bread, noodles and anything that involved cheese.  It could be more German-American, but hey, I like to eat.

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