Monday, January 28, 2013

Popped Amaranth Crunch

Cooler weather is coming, and so is snuggling up with your sweetie, family and friends on comfy couches for movie night. Wow them all with a gluten-free snack that is not only a nutritionally superior alternative to popcorn, but after one bite, will have everyone wondering how movie night ever existed without it.
Quinoa seems to be the big buzz these days (and rightfully so), but give another delicious ancient grain a try. Popped amaranth is a calcium-, lysine- and iron-rich complete protein with a popcorn-y taste and puffed texture that complements the buttery flavor of organic cashews and the sweet crunch of organic almonds, magically.
You can prepare Popped Amaranth Crunch baked at a low temp in the oven, or highly raw (our fave) in the dehydrator. Either way, it is a guilt-free snack that everyone will enjoy—especially your body.
Makes: 3-4 cups (be sure to double or triple the batch for larger groups)  Preparation Time: baked: 30mins  | dehydrated (optimal nutrition): 6-8 hours
Dehydrator (optional, but optimal, keeps beneficial enzymes and nutrients alive)
Large bowl
Ingredients:1 cup popped amaranth grain
1 cup organic cashews, soaked *
1 cup organic almonds, soaked *
2 tbsp raw, wild-harvested honey (you can substitute organic brown rice syrup or raw agave nectar)
1/4 tsp pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
*You can skip the soaking process, but soaking makes nuts easier to digest and assimilate. Read more about why soaking is optimal.
*Plant-based, r, vegan
Reference: Yum Universe

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