Friday, January 4, 2013

SMART Goals (Fitness Goals)...

These are my fitness goals for the year. 

I mentioned my fitness goals in a previous blog posting.  Now,  I am expanding these fitness goals to help me focus on the actions it will take to achieve them.  I want to notch it up a bit; to help me be more specific.

To me this will help me measurable myself for accountability.

The 2013 year fitness goals are highlighted!

2 half and 1 full marathon and Total 1200 miles run in 2013.
Workout at least 5 days a week.*
60 minute workout each day.*
Run 30 minutes, increase based on training schedule.*

Salute the Troops Half
Memorial day weekend
13.1 #1 May: *I signed up for Green Bay Half Marathon on May 19.* Status!! Hit it, bam!! 

13.1 #2 June: *Signed up for 2013 Summerfest Rock 'n Sole Run!  Saturday the 15th. Status!! Improved "this years" time, yes!!  2:05.59.  Quite a feat and felt good! 

Status!! Ran 4 half marathons Green Bay and Salute the Troops & Rockin' Tomahawk June 8th, this one was cold 55 degrees, rained the whole way.  Have been working out at least 5 days a week.  And summerfest, drizzling and cold at the start, overcast the entire run.  This was the best one this year, I enjoyed reminiscing!

13.1 July 4th: Red, White and Boom in Minneapolis.  Shaved 4 minutes off my time.  Starting to get down there.  2:02.  And Summit Half complete.

26.2 #1 October: Completed Detroit Marathon, haunted hustle and plans for Madison half. (#13)

Run at least 1 organized run each month *
  • January:  Status! Already completed New Year's Day Dash on Tuesday, January 01.
  • February: *ramping up mileage, no organized run this month.
  • March: Status! No organized run.
  • April: Status! No organized run.
  • May: Already picked half marathon for spring, I signed up for Green Bay.* Status! Ran it plus 1.
  • June: Already signed up for 2013 Summerfest Rock 'n Sole Run!  Saturday the 15th. Status: Rockin' Tomahawk June 8th and completed the Summerfeste Rock 'n Sole run!
  • July: (Bastille Run Milwaukee) Status: Completed Red, White and boom 13.1 on July 4th and Bastille run.
  • August: Status: Completed both the Madison Mini & Badgerland striders.
  • September: Status: Completed Door County Century Bike ride (100 miles).  Completed Al's Run (Sept 14),  and got a Personal Best (PB) for this year, at the Whitewater half marathon.  Complete the J-Hawks Sprint distance tri.  Woot!
  • October: Completed Ashland Half, Detroit Marathon & Halloween Hustle Half.
  • November: Status: and Madison Half. (#13) done
  • December: None planned.
Lose at least 15 pounds by December 31, 2013 * Status!! Already there.  Makes running the long distances so much easier!
Run at least 5 times a week Status!! On track
Plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.Status!! On track, Vegan diet

Make my lunch every night (This will be a challenge.. =S) Status!! On track

15 unassisted pull ups by December 31, 2013 (Another challenge for me... =S)
Start 100 burpee challenge on February 1st, 2013. * Opted for 5 days of Hot Yoga instead *Still going strong.  I checked with Inner Fire and they have tracked over 200 Yoga sessions and 11 since Sept 15.

Total 1000 Miles Biking. Status!! 721*
Total 1200 miles Running. Status!! 848
Total workout miles. Status!! 1830

March/April: Status!!! Started riding bike 20 miles on bike trail once during weekend.

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