Saturday, February 16, 2013

Going Vegan: Day 47... It's working, I'm taking a pro-active approach...

Today I went back to the gym after not have a membership since August of last year.  What a great feeling to be back on good equipment with variety!  I felt invigorated!

They have a scale there, and I figured I'd step on it to see where I was at after going vegan.  Granted, I haven't weighed myself since last August, but know at that time I was over 10 pounds my height / weight ratio and since then, I am sure I gained a lot of weight since my clothes were getting pretty tight.

Since I've made this new shift in eating and promising to workout regularly, I am now happy to say, I have lost over 10 pounds and my clothes are fitting better, in some cases even looser.  Wow!  What a difference! And I'm not even trying.  All I do is do a little workout in the morning at least 5 days a week and eat a plant-based diet.  And I am eating a lot every day!!!  I am eating a lot of "very healthy" foods too!

I feel so great after I stepped on that scale, just to know that something is happening without me even controlling it.

Then I have a wonderful day catching up on grocery shopping and spending time chit-chatting with my hubby! Grocery shopping is SO much MORE fun now that we've been eating healthier foods, much more experiential and colorful foods to pick from! Our kitchen is stuffed full of fruits, veggies and spices!

Made my first "plant-based" pizza. Used rice flour for the pizza dough, with toppers that included spinach, artichokes, almond slivers, black olives, kumato brown tomatoes, fresh meat mushrooms and spices! Delish!!!!

I am taking a pro-active approach to eating healthy and look at the results!

I'm a happy lady today!

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