Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm going vegan: Sloppy diet to proactive vegan diet

Well, well, well!  Surprise to me!

My health insurance sent me a new wellness incentive program to enroll in. All I had to do is get biometric measurements and answer a survey online and I get cash back. The test included BMI, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure and of course weight height and other misc. things.

What a great program!! 

I'm positive about the program, probably because I have positive results.  I discovered,with this "Epic" program (which integrates healthcare, insurance and patient access), that all of my records are incorporated into the healthcare system in my area and I can go on the web portal and manage my health in a proactive manner.  The results were great.  The only item that was a smidge over average was glucose, which is my sugar balance.  So, I can go in and they will have tips on ways to eat foods to reduce the sugar levels in my diet.

I can't wait to compare my numbers from two years ago, to now.  See the before and after affect from sloppy diet to proactive vegan diet.

I'm well on my way to a healthier new year.   For not only me, but my family as well.  Everything I eat, they eat and are trying.  I've had some pretty healthy and delicious meals, like pizza, chili, stir fry, and even something as simple as oatmeal with fresh fruits and soy milk.

Everything tastes flavorful and I feel tremendously better.

I am happier than ever to see how taking a pro-active vegan diet approach has changed my numbers tremendously.

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