Sunday, February 10, 2013

My writing committment: In following Susan Sontag's writing resolution

In following Susan Sontag's writing resolution in 1977, for me to add to my collection of writing will modify:
Starting tomorrow — if not today:
I will get up every morning no later than 3:30  (Can break this rule once a week.) to get all of my healthy practices in before my busy day.
I will have lunch only with my homemade plant-based diet.
I will write in my Notebook every day.  Probably evening hours since my days are currently packed  (Model: Lichtenberg’s Waste Books.)
I will take scrupulous notes in my traveling notebook as the ideas occur to me.
I will tell people not to call in the morning, or not answer the phone.
I will try to confine my reading to the evening. (I read too much — as an escape from writing.)
I will answer letters (blog posts and social media) once a week. (Friday's? — Let's see how this goes for me)
Here's another example from Benjamin Franklin's writing plan.

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