Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recipe for today: Dairy-Free Milk...(vegan)

Dairy-Free Milk  
You can use any of the following to create creamy, delicious, nutrient-rich non-dairy milks (try combinations, too).

Recipe is gluten-free and vegan. Just make sure if preparing oat milk, that you use gluten-free oats, and that your vanilla extract and cocoa are gluten-free.
Nut milk bag or cheesecloth*
Recycled glass jars for storage

1/2 cup raw almonds
2 cups pure water (use coconut water for extra sweetness and electrolytes)
Soak time: 8-12 hours
Steps: prepare either soaked almonds (8-12 hours) or toasted almonds (7 minutes at 350°F). Blend together and strain through cheesecloth. Serve chilled, room temp or warm.
Taste/consistency: toasted is a rich almond flavor and raw is a creamy, neutral flavor that almost everyone loves. This is a tasty non-dairy milk for beginners as it is delish without sweetening and can be enjoyed on its own.
Add-ins: 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tsp raw wild-harvested honey or grade B maple syrup and pinch of fine ground sea salt.
Make it fancy: add cardamom and cocoa.
Nutritional bennies: almonds are some of the most alkalizing nuts around, and they have cholesterol lowering effects. They’re also loaded with antioxidant powerful vitamin E, immune-supporting magnesium and the electrolyte potassium, too.
Now, you can sweeten to taste, or blend/stir in any of the add-in suggestions below. I recommend trying these milks unsweetened first, so you can detect the differences in taste to see what you like best, and if you need any sweetener at all
Ingredients: See above, but try to buy everything organic.
Basic steps for all (unless otherwise specified):  Soak: soaking is necessary to release enzyme inhibitors and improve nutrient digestion/assimilation. Toasting does help, too (about 70%), while bringing out a rich, “toasty” flavor for milks. I have indicated below, what to do with particular ingredients, what they taste like, how long to soak for each and what add-ins would take these milks to the next level of deliciousness. Do not use your soak water for milk, all of your enzyme inhibitors are in here, so use fresh water.
Or Toast: while soaking is optimal from a nutrition standpoint, toasting brings out incredible flavor. When toasting any ingredients, use raw,unsoaked ingredients to toast. The dryness is what brings out that toasted flavor, and you won’t get that with pre-soaked, hydrated ingredients.
Rinse: rinse soaked ingredients well.

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