Thursday, June 6, 2013

On Being a Leader: Model for Empowerment...

A good model for present-day empowerment might be Warren Buffett, who exemplifies the principles of inner power as a guide.


  • Saw his main strength early (a talent for asset management) and kept on building it. 
  • Remained connected to the support of family and community. 
  • Obtained a modest home and maintained a simple personal lifestyle - in other words, he didn't measure his power by outward trappings. 
  • Worked for the benefit of his whole team and investors who depended upon him. 
  • Has been humble in the face of enormous success. 
  • Measures his life by the standard of personal happiness and satisfaction. 
  • Does his business scrupulously and with complete transparency to his investors.

Reference: Deepak Chopra

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