Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today is a significant milestone... (SMART Fitness Goals)

As many of you know, I set some SMART fitness goals at the beginning of this year and today is a significant milestone.  I ran the Summerfest Rock 'n Sole half marathon.  Now, initially, this was my goal set at the beginning, which was to run my first half marathon since my ACL surgery.  I've done several more before this because I got in a groove and without those, I wouldn't have done as well and enjoyed this run as much.  So far this year, I have run the Green Bay half, Fond du Lac Salute the Troops half, the Tomahawk half and now today, the Summerfest.  I really liked this one, it was a special treat that my brother ran along with us and over 30 years ago, I use to go to school in Milwaukee and run the same running route part of this route.

I made it and can cross off this fitness goal off my SMART list.  Next stop will be training for the Detroit Marathon.  I just added this to my SMART Goals list, as I decided to run this with my friend earlier this month.

I went to the doctor the other day to get routine tests done and we had a long conversation about how our diet affects our health.  I shared all of the things I've been learning while being proactively eating a plant-based diet.  He said he was impressed and learned a lot from me.  I am too, it takes a lot of focus and strength to be on this diet, especially when going to restaurants.

We typically go out for breakfast/lunch after our longer runs, and today the restaurant owner at Andrew's in Delafield basically shooed me out of his place because he said he couldn't do anything for me.  Too lazy to go down in the basement to get the ingredients to make something modified for my diet.  It was very interesting.  I deal with this a lot.  It is lovely to go to restaurants who have their chefs come out and ask me specifically what ingredients work.  That is a lovely experience!  I'm wondering if,   eventually, more and more people will start looking at their diet more proactively and educating themselves on what is going in their bodies.  It sure would be nice if there were more people, rather than the 1% (which includes me an that bucket) who are asking for something plantbased and tastes good.  The alternative, bland dry fruit or vegetable salad with no seasoning.  That is really NO fun and I can always tell when someone understands, because my meal is prepared with loving care and lots of seasonings and flavor.

The other thing is I saw myself learning yoga, I have been very disciplined going to hot yoga at least 6 times a week.  Sometimes even more.  I even went on vacation in Sedona Arizona.  I have learned enough now that I apply it as a meditation and yoga practice on a daily basis.  It has been a wonderful addition to my routine.

I am very proud of myself!  It's been a long road of recovery and getting back to health.  I feel I am even healthier than I was before.

If you want to read up my the initial goals I set for myself and my progress, check it out here.

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