Friday, July 26, 2013

Going Vegan: A little education...

Today I am learning about Glutathione Production and Activity, given that my thyroid is not functioning well.  Your diet should include asparagus, spinach, avocado, squash, melons, grapefruit and peaches.   And another must is to take a strong multivitamin with minerals along with a couple of grams of Vitamin C each day!

I went to the doctor as a proactive measure to get bloodwork and check everything out, I found myself at a thyroid specialist being poked prodded and radiated.  Finding a possible diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, a possible autoimmune hypothyroid condition.  Now this was just a first pass, the lab test have not come back yet, but they are leaning this way.  They found a module on my left thyroid lobe and I guess it's been there quite a while because it is rock solid like a grape.  I have several options to think about and all, seem to me to be, are invasive and longterm daily hormone regime afterwards.  I asked the specialist if there were other holistic options, and the quick response was no.   After a couple weeks of contemplating, mulling over and worrying, I decided to do my own research.

I searched on how to cure Hypothyroidism, naturally, given that I'm concerned about going the other route.  It seemed they were giving me only 1 alternative and I felt pressured.

Here are some of the alternative sites I found:

*Note to self: It's time to look for a second opinion, I want to treat my life in a holistic manner.

As far as my vegan diet, I'm still on it.  I cheat a little, having a couple bites of fish one week to ensure B-12 levels were added to my bloodstream.  I'm on a high dose of Vitamin D over 4000 mg and Vitamin B-12 for the next 3 months, then lowering dosage after.  No cheese or butter in my diet at all!! Still maintain a balanced diet, lots of nuts, vegetables and fruits.  I'm getting better with the herbs and spices. In fact, I make a batch of meals for the week and one evening, I just completed heating up one of my meals when my daughter came home and said, "What is that you are cooking, it smells good."  It warmed my heart to take out another batch and hear the positive comments as she ate the meal.

*As far as my diet, I fell okay, a little dragged down after my thyroid diagnosis.

Being diagnosed, helps it all makes sense now though.  I was thinking my age was causing my memory loss, tiredness and low energy.  When in fact these are all symptoms of my thyroid going bad or Hashimoto’s (tenative) diagnosis for now.  And from what I understand and researched, my bad diet my entire adult life, hasn't helped.  (The diet, I didn't focus on so much and now I'm paying for it. )

Advice to you young kids reading this... 

  • Eat healthy with a balanced diet, 
  • Exercise (which I do regularly) 
  • Manage your Stress, and 
  • Detoxify your key organs on schedule.   

Your thyroid will last a long time if you do!

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