Monday, July 8, 2013

Joy Heart Tip: Stop holding yourself back...

Dharma practice is self-management.  Karma is self-responsibility.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Everyday we learn how true this really is!!   I needed to be reminded of this today.  Sometimes I see myself walking through life in circles, only to end up where I started, with, yes more knowledge, but still in the same place.  Today, in my career, I am starting a contract with a company where I started my career.  It's going to be a simple contract, well needed money to support all of the efforts I am up to, and I see myself there, at the beginning, full circle.  More wise and with more wear and tear, and I forge forward.  Some might say I'm coming back to comfort, but I am coming back to show my strengths & knowledge and apply my experience.

There is so much beyond your comfort zone, you just have to learn to push passed it and conquer your fears!! Do ONE thing a day that scares you. Dream big, make goals, and go after what you want most! There is so much potential within yourself that you have yet to tap into. Believe in yourself, truly believe that there is a strength in you that can overcome any obstacle so long as you believe you can do it and work towards it. Clear your mind of CAN'T and just get out there and DO IT!!

When you conquer your fears and look back and see what you've accomplished you will be amazed!!

Stop holding yourself back... chase those dreams, you can do it!!

And we, and this whole community are here for support and love!!

Let's get out there!!!

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