Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Well it's been a crazy last few weeks with some late nights and early mornings but I am unbelievably happy to announce that my book, WIN BY LEADING, is done! Writing the book has been a really special process because it is essentially my career and life’s work experience as a leader broken down into a little less than 200 pages.  I am very excited for you guys and gals to read it!  I do believe it will help leaders of all levels work and live smarter, think clearer, be persistent and act wiser.

Win by Leading by Kim Groshek
That's been the mission for me all along.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been such big supporters of me and what I stand for over the years. This book is very much a result of working with all of you and learning how to tweak my leadership approach and style and develop workshops and training programs to meet the needs of each and every leader out there. 


Kim Groshek
Creatively Canny Company

Win By Leading is here!! For those of you who requested, here's the link:

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