Friday, September 6, 2013

Half marathon in Sun Valley Idaho, Start at the base of Dollar Mountain

Sun Valley Idaho

Well I finished the run! yes it was very hard! I wish I could remember the step-by-step events that I felt throughout the race, like Dane R does, but, I will try the best I can. Here goes...

The first leg, or mile, was uphill. And the altitude was at above 6100 feet. I was breathing pretty heavy and a lot of people passed me along the way. It was tough. It was uphill for the first mile, nce I reached the mile 1 marker, it started going downhill and I started feeling better. I kept telling myself "use the hills". I let the hills take me away. Ghd mountains in teh backdrop were beautiful. It seemed like I just kept noticing the mile markers. I made it to mile 5, passing people and feeling pretty good. As good as I could considering the circumstances. (doing a marathon last sunday probably didn't make it the best situation either). Eventually, I got in the rhythm. I got behind a lady who seemed to be keeping stride. It was slow, but she was chugging along. I figured, I should stay with her and not slow down. I noticed her more at mile 8, because she checked her watch at that time. I figure, if Ican stay with her without giving up, I'm fine! Eventually, on mile 9, there was a long hill, I passed her running up the hill, not fast or anything, just short cadence. I figured I could be her wind blocker the rest of the race, since she was mine the last couple miles. Mile 9 was trecherous!! Not easy. Uphill climb. After I climbed that hill, I lost some of my energy. Making it to mile 10, there were very small hills up and down, reminding me of San Francisco. I tugged along eventually reaching the trail where I saw runners heading back to the finish. I thought, 'great it's a turn around'. Sure enough, running between mile 10 and 11 was the longest, ever. I ran very slow, like a snail. Not moving much. Several people passed me. I barely was moving with each step. But, mile 11 was the turn around, I could see it, finally! There was a gaterade and water stop, so I grabbed a gaterade and walked the turn around mile 11. Then I walked to the water. That little stop seemed to energize me, and I got some more umpf to get my cadence going faster again. I had energy left, so I picked up cadence and hit mile 12. "Only one more mile left, I can do this" I said to myself. I ran to the left turn, and realized I was running on the road that headed to Sun Valley Inn, where I was staying. I knew the rest of the route, so I just kept going. I ran around the bend to the base of Dollar Mountain and ran into the finish. Made it at 2:09.09.
That's my story. I was a little disappointed that there weren't medals, oh well. (the cost was ridiculous for what we got, I thought it was junk). And teh runners were very strong, you could tell they were endurance work-out-aholics. Ha ha, no they probably do hiking and biking, since it's so made for that in this area. Some came in as early as 1:39, wow!

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