Friday, September 6, 2013

Madison Marathon 2009

This week was quite the adventure, rollercoaster, you name it! I was originally signed up for the LA marathon, on Monday (memorial day), to walk it with my friend Stacey. I purchased my flight and was ready to go, when I received a phone call from my friend on Monday, telling me she has a business meeting the whole week, over memorial day weekend and has to back out of the LA marathon. She offered that maybe her friend Kim could give me a place to stay. After I hung up, I was a bit frustrated with it all. At first my friend Tim suggested that I just run the LA marathon, I didn't want to do that because I wasn't fully trained for it. I thought about it for a few days, and decided to sign up for another state, Wy had a trail run, it was Green and I had to carry my own bottle and they had stations where you could fill up you water at the different miles. So, I changed my flight arrangements, signed up for the run and pasta feed. By thursday, I went to recheck my flights and it turns out my flight was at 6:40 Pm not am. Which wouldn't work, because I would have to drive 2 1/2 hours from Denver to Wy and I would miss the pasta feed, let along get in by almost midnight. 

Too late for me. They didn't have any earlier flights for me to exchange. So, I canceled my flights, so that I could use them another weekend and went out to the MadCity marathon site to see if i could sign up for a local race in Madison. 

It happened that the half was closed, and they only had 12 spaces left for the marathon. So, I ended up having to do the marathon anyway. I was a bit worried since I really haven't trained correctly. I'm sure Tim would be a little disappointed. In fact, I never seem to train well for my marathons, even my first one, I only ran up to 10 miles a day and nothing more. Did some additional cross training, like spinning, stepper and bike, and of course weights, but that was it. That was in 2002. I did pretty could, had a nice split, coming in at 1:49 for my half and then walked the last three miles, coming in at 4:09. That's okay. I did well enough. Always think if I would have ran the whole thing if I would have come in top three in my age group. I'll keep working on that. Marathons are not my strong suite.

Saturday I headed to the condo, fell asleep around 8 pm after my pasta and broccoli dinner! Took in a lot of gatorade, hoping to fill myself with liquids the day before the race. I kept having weird dreams, waking up at 2 am and thinking about the dreams, having a hard time getting back to sleep. It was weird, kept dreaming that I woke up at 7:20 and was late for the race, which started at 7:30 am. I don't know why.

I woke up at the right time, 5 a.m. A bit tired, but got up, dressed and headed out to the colliseum. Ate my blocks and walked around a bit. It was a cool, breezy morning. I met Diane, from illinois. She was in my age group. She was trying for 3:35 time, her third marathon. She ended up coming in 1st in our age division with a time of 3:25:39. Very nice lady.

I also met a guy who has done the Madcity over 12 times, he mentioned, that if you mentally think half is mile 16, it's an easier block of miles remaining. So, I took note of that and decided to mentally think this way when I ran this run.

The race started on time, and I just ran a slower pace to make sure I had enough energy the whole 26.2 miles. I arrived at mile 4 and saw Jim and Therese Fitzpatrick, I yelled and waved at them. They must have been cheering someone on, maybe their duaghter or son, I don't know.

That inspired me and I kept going. The race had a good amount of water, gaterade and gu. Good stuff,  helped keep me going. I hit mile 10 and said, once I hit mile 16, it will be like halfway point for me.

I hit mile 16 and had to hit the port a potty pretty bad, almost went in my pants, but held it while waiting for the person to get done in there. I chatted with a lady who was waiting to go as well, she said her race was going well. I finally got into the port a potty, with much relief, I headed off to continue the race. So, much better.

The miles kept going by, once I hit mile 23, I new I was home free. It wasn't the easiest last 3.25 miles though. I walked each water station, it hurt walking and once I tried starting up runing, it hurt. But, I continued on. Making it to mile 24.5, water station, last water station before the finish, I walked a bit, then ran slow, trying to keep my posture upright, the best I could. I told myself that I really need to run the whole way, just to say I did. I finished with a clock time of 4:19, chip time of 4:18.18. Not too bad for not training. My half split was a 2:02, good pacing, I think. 

My Stats for the MadCity 2009

bib number: 1350
age: 43
gender: F
overall place: 898 out of 1495
division place: 27 out of 60
gender place: 262 out of 555
time: 4:19:07
pace: 9:52
mile 5: 46:02
half: 2:00:13
chip time: 4:18:18

I realize now that what I did wrong in the Chicago marathon, is I tried staying with the 4:00 pace group, going out way too fast. So, if I just pace myself, slow in the first half I will have a lot more energy coming out of the last 14 miles.

It was a good run, I like the route because we run along the trails on the lakes. It's pretty. I even smelled the lilacs along the way. Beautiful!

I'm proud of myself, that I finished the marathon. My legs ache some, but I'll keep taking advil and drinking liquids. Possibly walk in the water, or go in the hot tub tomorrow. I'm surprised my injuries aren't worse! But, am glad just the same.

That is my adventure running my first marathon of the year!


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