Sunday, September 1, 2013

My take on Fashion, style and shopping.

My take on Fashion, style and shopping.

LOVES:  Yoga, theater, running, ART, reading, travel, and fashion.

HOME: Midwest

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: In high school, I loved to sew.  Every waking moment, when I wasn't eating, sleeping, working or going to school, I would be in front of my sewing machine sewing.   One summer, I created my fall school wardrobe.  In school, I ran out of sewing classes to take, so they created an advanced tailoring class just for me to take.  My plans were to be a fashion designer. Of course, the universe had other plans for me and as I look back, I can see all that I have learned and done are incorporated into what I do now.  The creative process includes: fabrics, patterns and construction.

PERSONAL STYLE: Clean, timeless and unique and artsy!  One day I may wear a slick pencil skirt with heals and the next day I'll wear zippy colorful tights.

MUST-HAVES: Someone asked me once, if you were stranded on an island with one thing what would you want it to be?  I quickly stated, "I can't live without my toothbrush."  Of course, there's more, 'must-haves' for me, if I couldn't have my computer, then it would be a tablet of paper and pen.  I love to write my stories down on paper.  The rest of the things that I 'love', can be done just by being 'me!'  That's what I like about right now in my life!  I can carry all of my experiences with me and share my stories with one person at a time!  As far as clothes, I must have a good pair of crisp pants, shirt, shorts and comfy shoes.  When I travel, you will see me with a very small bag for the week, because I can pack in my running clothes, workclothes and key necessities and still look very professional in meetings during the week.  Everything fits and are used to meet my yoga, running and key professional needs.  It's amazing what you can live on, with less!

SHOPPING STRATEGY: I am not a shopper, just ask my daughter and my daughter is "a fashion-ista!"  Once she encourages me to get out, she inspires me, and before I know it, I am walking out of the store with two brand new outfits. My daughter is my fashion consultant.  I love that about her.  She is talented at pulling each piece together down to the necklace around my neck and shoes that go with the outfit.  So, for shopping, I typically have my list in hand, go to to the store, within 20 minutes I have everything and am back to my car heading home.  I'm glad I have my daughter to put more thought and design into the adventure, she makes it an experience and memory!  Slows me down, and I thank her for that!

BEST ADVICE: Wear what YOU feel good in, it will reflect who you are and what you stand for and don't be sloppy about it!!  And don't feel like you have to wear what everyone else wears.  If you pay attention to the small details you will be proud of you!  And you are the person who are living in the clothes you choose to wear, no one else!

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