Saturday, September 7, 2013

What I Know for Sure...

Gratitude for... Best of times and worst of times, what I know for sure is that when I focus on these things, a light goes on, energy exudes and peace comes to light.

In the end, the only difference between best and worst is that everyone laughs, cries, grieves, yearns, is happy and sad.  We fill our life with different life experiences.

Here are my 20 favorites:
  1. A great book.
  2. Spinach, vegetable walnut with lovely spices and thin-thin crust pizza.
  3. A long bike ride with my hubby.
  4. Morning time hanging with my favorite guy and favorite daughter, relaxing over a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.
  5. Sitting outside on the porch on a rainy day, smelling the scent of rain.
  6. Crushed strawberries mixed with homemade lemonade.
  7. Eating vegetables that are nurtured by my guy, grown in my garden.
  8. Being still.
  9. Embracing silence.
  10. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis.
  11. Hot Inner Fire Yoga which gives me peace and intention every morning.
  12. Hanging with my best friend(s) talking the morning away over a hot cup of coffee.
  13. Taking long walks on the nature trail.
  14. Sharing my creative gifts with others.  And in return, being taken care of, given gifts from those creative friends.  Like my beautiful daughter gives me her gifts by consulting me about fashion, what looks best on me and what colors bring out my creative style.
  15. Being around people who support me whole-heartedly.
  16. Writing my stories and sharing my experiences through books.
  17. Leading bold leaders, sharing my stories and experiences with others, large audiences, observing when the lightbulbs go off, watching the moment when a person comes alive with new thoughts and ambitions.
  18. Savoring the moments.
  19. Running, solo, with friends and with groups.
  20. Exploring new places.  Traveling!!!
Each and every day is a blessing!

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