Saturday, November 23, 2013

11 Lessons I learned from Kindergarten

There are some things I realize as I get wiser.  I realize now that I had learned more at Kindergarten than I had in all of the courses I've taken.  I found more wisdom in the sandpit and paint pots than I ever did in a lecture.  (*Don't tell my daughter this though, *wink)

Here are 11 Lessons I learned from Kindergarten:
1. Learn, create and play every day.
2. Share everything.
3. Play fair.
4. Clean up your own mess.
5. Say sorry when you've hurt somebody.
6. Holding a grudge is pointless - it's like taking poison and hoping that the other person dies.
7. However bad a situation, in a few years time it won't matter.
8. You feel better after a good sleep.
9. Look at the world and wonder.....
10. Whether you're 3 or 53, life is so much better when you hold hands and stick together.
11. Go where there is excitement and stay where there is love.

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