Thursday, November 28, 2013

SMART Goals (2014)

Goal #1: SMART Kids TV script complete by May, 2014.  A 20-30 min pilot available for screening at Conferences and Film Festivals in 2015.  

Goal #2: Expand Business by end of 2014, have a business plan in place by December 2014.
Objective #4: Speak at conferences: WE14, Region H, Region E and Minnesota -Panel and Individual. (already submitted and accepted to 3) - Complete
Objective #5: Write 3 Case Studies and publish them on DAMA, SWE and PMI websites and conferences. (Have ideas and research platform) - Open
Objective #6: Prepare to run for Outreach Director in 2014 for 2015-2017 years. Open
Objective #7: Create a Screenplay for a Movie based on Fiction manuscript Book.Open
Objective #8: Speak on a talk show that will allow me to share my vision and passion related to these projects. - Complete (fort radio show)
Objective #9: Look at my role as Women Ambassador Forum in South Africa and see how this role can be used to inspire others.  (Develop an idea and plan by summer 2014)Open

Personal Goal #2: Healthy, Well-being, Lovely & Positive Relationships, Take time for me.
Objective #1: Run, walk or bike at least 3 times a week. Complete
Objective #2: Yoga and meditate (daily) at least 5 times a week. Complete
Objective #3: Run Disney Marathon (Goofy - half then full) Complete
Objective #4: Eat well.  Complete
Objective #5: Make an effort to meet with friends more often.  Complete
Objective #6: Take a trip to Door County in the fall for our anniversary. Complete
Objective #7: Select a place for retirement. Open
Objective #8: Select a floor plan for our land on Echo Lake. Open
Objective #9: Plan for my daughter and my trip to Europe (2015). Open
Objective #10: Carve out time each day for me, no electronics, just meditating, walking or sitting, enjoying the moment. Complete
Objective #11: 
Objective #12: Prepare to sell home, "fen shui" each room, (to be completed by Dec 2014). Open

Writing Goal: Complete a new Children's Book by December 2015.  Complete

Education Goal: Learn outside of the box (something new), Expand skills and Awareness.
Objective #1: Take a look at Doctorate and PhD programs to see if this is something I want to pursue.  Complete (Doctorate in Business focus-EI)
Objective #2: 
Objective #3: Present at conferences and receive feedback through survey or asking audience, and adjust content and approach based on feedback.Complete 
Objective #4: Go to language camp (pick the language of choice and try it out in the summer for a week).Open
Objective #5: To help me develop my ideas for my book, attend the Transforming Yesterday's Strategies, Kona Hawaii. (Thursday, August 7 - Wednesday, August 13, 2014). Open
Objective #6: Attend NSA, July, 2014 San Diego. Complete

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