Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Daily Post 1: Cold, crisp, snowy day.

What a beautiful, cold, crisp, snowy day.  

I wake up this morning, look out the window and find, snowflakes drifting on the crystalized snow.  I sit up and stretch, thinking, 'What a great adventure to take a walk in the fluffy stuff.'  So, I put on my snow pants, heave on my heavy down coat, pull my boots on and top it off with my hat, mittens and scarf.

Luna was following me as she could sense what I was planning to do.

With a warm mug of coffee in hand, I open the door.  A gust of ice-cold wind hits my face.  I close the door behind me and don't look back.

Luna, being a boxer, jumps up and down almost to my shoulders, with excitement.

Leon grabs her leash and Luna immediately pulls the end of the leash as she walks herself along the snow-cleared driveway.

I walk down the flattened treads, kicking the fluffy snow surrounding the treadmarks.

We talk about the simple things.

I was caught off guard by the ice-cold wind hitting my face as we walked.  Too cold, I decide to cut our walk short.  It turns out the temperature was grazing 0° degrees.

Arriving back in the house, I am in front of the roaring fireplace, with a cup of coffee.  I watch the flames and listen to the wood crackle below.

Happy New Year!

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