Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Post #7: Freedom + Health = Happiness

Life and happiness, it’s a simple formula:

Freedom + Health = Happiness

Freedom, I'm talking about the everyday freedom that each of us have to apply what you want and when you want to do it.  This is a choice, your choice.  This is at work, home, the gym and other places you go.  For health, your favorite food is useless to you if it gives you no energy benefit or you pull a muscle and keep running or walking on it, causing more damage.  For Happiness, it's a culmination of things, if you don't have money or time to do things which gives you freedom, or are too sick and lying in bed because you have no energy to do anything, then it's simple, you cannot be happy.

Breaking out the formula.  (Freedom + Health = Happiness)
Freedom is your choice.   Staying fit and eating well takes knowledge and consistency.  As you find yourself getting healthier and happier, the people in your life will view you differently too.  Healthy-looking people generally earn more moneyt, get more offers and enjoy a better social life.  Happiness is progress, if we feel happy when things are moving in the right direction we are happier.  

Freedom is a choice, your choice.  It is your choice, the freedom for YOU to choose.   If you choose to make a change in your daily routine, you might feel a little better.  Then you will be feel up to doing more.

Empirical Freedom Tips
·        What does freedom look like for you, know your reasons for wanting freedom.
·        Who can help you get there?  Reach out to philanthropists, experts, or a close friend who can give you support on your journey to freedom.
·        Know what you want.  Most importantly, being able to live out your passion every day is important.  E.g. some people say, ‘being able to stay home to raising my kid(s) or not having to worry about paying bills is freedom.  How can you get there?  Do some exercises to understand this, this will lead to freedom.  How do you see yourself? You are who you think you are… and this determines what freedom looks like to you.  The journey to freedom starts when you embrace ‘change.’
·        Time is Money.  The old adage that I grew up with, by managing assets and investments over time you will have a flow of cash as a base.
·        Understand that relying on fictitious ideas, like hoping to win the lottery someday, is going to give you freedom.   The lottery is not an investment strategy.   You are the one to change your situation and create the life and freedom you want.  And only you are the one that is going to make it happen.  You can have the kind of things you dream about by making a plan and creating it.
·        Set monthly and annual goals, both solutions and financial.  The more you set goals and check back with them, the more likely they are going to happy.  So for example, I set goals every year about how much I want to earn, how much I want to save and what I’m doing with my savings to make an investment.  Keep learning about money and investments.  If you want freedom, you need to have a cash flow that will provide a base to give you the freedoms you desire.  And spend less than you earn and be wary of your debt, you need to be on a budget.
·        Look at your health as your greatest asset.  Do you think you will have real freedom if you are free financially but you’re too sick to enjoy it?  Your health is your greatest wealth.

The next part of the formula is Health.  I know too well how health can stall a person's life for many years if it looms in the background, eating away at your body.  Even if it isn't yourself who is dealing with health issues, but a loved one close to you, it can take a toll for many years.  

There’s a right time and a wrong time for nearly every activity!
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Sex
  • Paying bills
You name it... And the good news is that timing is manageable, you have the controls.

Staying fit and eating well takes knowledge and consistency.

Make sure you always have access to a healthy option, you choose through the power of knowledge and experience.

Empirical Health Tips
  • Target problem foods from your diet one at a time.  
  • You can eat anything you want whenever you want, so the choice is yours and you can train yourself to enjoy relatively healthy food and have it always nearby.
  • You can eat as much as you want of anything that is healthy.
  • You can have a system not a goal.  (Like mine is to continuously learn more about the science of diet, try it out and see what methods for making healthy foods taste great).
  • Learn to eat right and let that be your guide during your lifetime.  If your diet is right, moderate exercise is all you need.
  • Be active every day.  You'll discover it is harder to sit and do nothing than it is to get up and do something.  Your reward becomes addictive over time. (like Pavlov's dogs, condition: activity).  
  • Exercise is only a small percent that contributes to weight loss. It is still important for building muscle. (No one can exercise enough to overcome a bad diet, people who eat right and stay active usually have no problems with weight).
  • Remember, science keeps changing.  I was watching an episode of Dr. Oz, and he stated they learned within just 10 years of studying diet and exercise that it isn't heredity that defines your future healthy fate.  By changing what you eat, you can change your future health.
By following these simple tips, stay active every day, without pain and without the need for willpower, today, I'm in the best shape of my life at age 48.

As you find yourself getting healthier and happier, the people in your life will view you differently too.  Healthy-looking people generally earn more moneyt, get more offers and enjoy a better social life.

Happiness is progress, if we feel happy when things are moving in the right direction we are happier.   This influences happiness.  Just like when you are learning how to eat better and do a little more exercise, it will give you a sense of progress and control over your destiny.

Empirical Happiness Tips
  • Match your mood to your activity.
  • Make sure all your important decisions are consistent with the end-game in mind!  (in my case, I like a more flexible schedule so I work toward this).
  • The role of money can buy you more options, but it can't buy you happiness.  (In order to have flexibility, don't give up too much income potential just to get it.  I've learned very quickly, there's no point in having a flexible schedule if you can't afford to do anything!)
  • Simplify your life.  Clean out the clutter.  If you live a simple life, you create space in your heart.
  • Love More.  True happiness is found in relationships.
If you don't, you shut yourself off from the access to happiness, you will have Happiness!  Start your journey to freedom, stay focused and when you reach your goal, you can look back and say, “Great job!”

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