Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daily Post #9: Take the moment and make it perfect.

"If you don’t have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer."- Zig Ziglar

Many people ask me, "Why do you wake up so darn early and what do you do?"

Many people think all I do is work on the computer or write on social media sites, and yes, there is a little bit of that which is part of my marketing and PR strategy for my personal brand.  And then there’s even more productive work.

To start, it’s all me, that's my first focus in the morning.  I take care of my health.  I usually wake up at 3:30 - 4:30 AM and start my day working out.  Then I work on my vision and intention for the day.  Seeing that I own my own business and outreach programs, I work on a lot of business-focused or program-related things, depending on the morning.  I may switch it up and focus on personal things too, or outreach (which includes my productions, products and books).  The current things I work on include my vision for my new book or products, plans for my TV show or new movie, develop marketing strategies, on-boarding and connection strategy, script sales emails and newsletters and start writing materials for my blog and so the list goes on and will change over time.  I take about 30 minutes after this carved out time, for me 'again; to relax, eat breakfast, drink coffee and think. Then I'm off doing... Working at my consulting contracts, clients, or meetings for the remainder of the day.  As I do this, I have experienced a large evolution in my business and outreach programs. 

When people ask me, "How do you get so much done in so little time?"  This IS my secret.

I'm not suggesting that you get up at 3:30 or even 4:00 AM, in the morning; however, I do suggest you do something like I suggest, sometime in the morning.  The reason I suggest the morning is because you will typically get the more important things on your list done first, early in the day.  This way, you can plan your objectives for the day and be very conscientious about it.

You carve out the time, and are sitting at the table and ask, "Now what?  What do I do next?"

To help you get started, here are some tips and some simple questions you can try to answer to get started.
  • Carve out 10-15 minutes each morning
  • Dedicate time like this daily. 
Here are some questions:
  • What are my plans for my business or personal life this year? (Vision)
  • What is it that you see to change in your business or personal life in the future?
  • What would happen if you carved out time to do a little more marketing and sales or connecting with people?
  • What do I want to do today to make that happen?  (Make a list of small things that relate to your bigger vision)
You will see results. It might surprise you.

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

Live authentically and savor each precious moment of your journey; because when you arrive at your destination, another journey begins. ~Joe Koene

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