Friday, March 7, 2014

Daily Post #18: Yoga is... Compassion, love and honor.

A Yogi since 2009, with 7 U.S. marathons and 65 half marathons under her belt, Kim Groshek is one serious athlete.  Those numbers pale in comparison to Kim's dedication to yoga, she brings an equal amount of passion and enthusiasm to her yoga!   Arriving at the studio 6 a.m. every morning, she is dedicated to taking care of her body.  The healing aspect of yoga, she says, gives her balance.

She never really saw herself as a yogi, in fact, the way she saw it, everyone else who practiced yoga were strong, balance and at peace.  She considered herself, as she says,  "A clutz and not well balanced."   When she first started yoga, she would position her mat in the farthest back corner of the room, she compared herself to less than a beginner with the other yogi's in the room.  She felt like it was a struggle to do each move.  "Half the time I was holding my breath and trying so hard, that I couldn't enjoy it."  With the compassionate lessons from each teacher, Kim's yoga practice grew into a more soothing experience.  The meditative quality of yoga and kind, softhearted teachers, at the yoga studio, drew her to continue.  Eventually, with daily practice, the focus on breath, meditation and strength, yoga came easier to her.  She started lifting her thoughts about "whether other people were looking at her" or "if she was doing it right," to focusing solely on breath.  She quickly realized that not every yoga practice is going to be the same.  It got easier.  She knows now, that each day she practices yoga, it will be different and that's okay.

Kim arrives at yoga with a fresh set of eyes, honors her body, loves herself without judgment or control and brings compassion and love to her Yoga practice each day.  

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