Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daily Post #22: Always rise above drama.

We are often asked, How long does it take executives to find their next job?There are too many individual variables to factor in, but you can be certain of one thing – it takes longer than you might think.

The truth is it always seems to take longer than one thinks. Members we talk to say the reasons are:

"Age is more of an issue than I imagined. Companies seem to want younger, cheaper talent."

"Getting interviews. I'm qualified, but I am not getting many chances to sit down for real interviews to tell my story and how I can help solve a company's problems."

"Job-specific criteria. Employers are unwilling to consider my highly transferrable skills."

"Networking my way to the decision-makers in companies where I don't know anyone has been a huge obstacle."

"A lack of communication from recruiters and hiring companies. No one feels the need to provide status updates or closure."

We find from experience that ending- up on the earlier part of the bell-curve is primarily about three things:
1. Having an action plan that is more active than waiting for and responding to job postings
2. Creating opportunity for yourself by "articulating and getting the word out" about what your value is
3. Being well prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves

Go Get 'Em!

Source - ExecuNet

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