Saturday, March 15, 2014

Daily Post: #21 Keep it Deep and Simple

Often you think you are at the end of something, when in fact you are at the beginning of something else.~Fred Rogers.

Sometimes I think, are there any shows like Mr. Rogers anymore?  Fred Rogers, was always authentic!  he was always in the present and he believed love is the only way.

I can relate... I arrive in the yoga locker room, place my sweater on the hook.  This immediately reminds me of Fred Rogers, who would walk in the door, take off his suite coat and replace it with a comfy sweater.  The years I use to sit in front of the tv and watch him sing his introduction song, "It's such a good feeling to know you're alive, ..."

This is the start of my day.  I choose  a casual sweater, in the business world.

Some of the concepts Fred aspired include:
  • Keeping it simple.
  • Like people just the way they are!
  • Keep children safe.
  • Help kids express their feelings.
  • Lifelong friends!
Mr. Rogers believed that every second is an opportunity to make a choice.

Many things that represent Fred Rogers, whom I grew up with include:
  • Talk like you are talking with your mom and dad.
  • Start with silence, and know that a person has a right silence.
  • You will care so much, that you will and are willing to turn it down a notch.
  • I can't just give up on a creature like me. Sometimes I think maybe there are people in this world, who I can't communicate, I'll just give up.  
  • Let people have good intentions.
  • Allow people to show their sincere interests.
  • You know you aren't alone, because each and everyone one of us are dealing with the same thing in a different way
What is my key purpose?  Maybe it's my approach, it is "deep and simple are the way it is with me. " I think Mr. Rogers took this same approach!

Finally, Mr. Rogers main focus was:

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