Sunday, May 25, 2014

Remembering Chris

There is nothing more heartbreaking, than to lose your child way too soon.  It feels like an empty pit like he was yanked from your heart without an explanation.

Now your precious child is gone.

It isn't fair.  Life isn't fair.

You ask, "God, why me?"

Little Chris, who was just starting to make headway in the world, finishing up his coursework in college and working hard to make ends meet.

I cry, knowing this young man is now gone.  

Way too early...

I remember him, as a very small boy.  He made me laugh! His spirit was contagious. He was curious and ran with a new adventure every chance he could get. 

I went to his soccer game, the little boy less than 3 feet tall, wearing his soccer clothes that were too big.  He ran around the field after that ball like there was no stopping him.

Then he grew up pursuing life, like he did in soccer; with that same determination, the goal was to get to the other side.  Accomplished, strong and ready for the next venture!

With many interests and talents; like, skateboarding, fishing, soccer, and weightlifting, that was nothing without his family and friends who meant the world to him. He loved his music and so much more!  Christopher was life and gave 'his all' to everyone he touched.

I remember stopping by my sisters place, too early, the moon was still out.  When I stepped out of my car, Chris came out of nowhere. There he was, big as life with a smile glowing in the darkness.  He happily walked toward me and said, "Hi!" Giving me the biggest hug! This strapping young man, in his early 20's, a sweet, loving, and caring soul.

A beautiful young man with a rambunctious spirit.  It made me laugh every time I saw him.  I thought, 'now what is he up to?'  A thrill-seeker by nature.  A gift, not many of us have, but many of us wish we could be.  A very special person, this lovely young man.  When he saw something new that he wanted to pursue, 'he saw it, explored it, took it by the horns and said, "Let's do it!"'

Little Christopher, the one with the ever-glowing smile who lit up the room!

You are always in our hearts and will be missed dearly!

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