Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ornament Exchange: 12 ornaments for 12 days


What this is about?  This is an Ornament swap starting in December.  Each person “makes or buys” (your choice) 12 of the same ornament.  You send 1 ornament each to 11 other participants and keep 1 ornament for yourself. You receive 11 different ornaments before December 1 and open one a day, starting on December 1.   

What you get?  You receive 12 new beautiful ornaments for the holidays!

There is an ornament swap hostess (me) who makes sure communication is sent out regularly, and send reminders, during the weeks proceeding deadlines.

12 people participate.  (I'll let you know if I have enough people by Sept 1st) 
Participants provide:
  • email mailing address swap hostess (me)
  • make or buy 12 ornaments.
  • Take a picture of the 12 ornaments together and email the picture to swap hostess.
  • sends the ornaments to each 11 participants  addresses.  
The  Ornament is:
  • $10.00 or less 
  • unique
  • handmade or purchased
The  Ornament will be sent by given date (November 25th).

Process Steps… *The 12 Days of Ornament Exchange rules.
  1. You make or buy an ornament design (for 12 people).
  2. You are assigned a number for the ornament swap, your number will be listed by your name and address.
  3. Take a picture of all 12 ornaments together and send (Email) the picture to me, the swap hostess, prior to sending your ornaments. (I'll post the picture on social media the day the ornament is planned to open). 
  4. Individually wrap each ornament and write your name and the number you are assigned on the OUTSIDE of the WRAPPED ORNAMENT.
  5. You send your gift wrapped ornaments include YOUR ASSIGNED number taped on the outside wrapping.
  6. Send the (one each) ornament to the 11 people on the list.  You send out 1 ornament to each of the 12 people on or before the date. (Sending 11 keeping 1 for yourself)
  7. Don't forget to save one ornament for yourself.
  8. By December 1st, everyone should RECEIVE IN THE MAIL/SHIPPED 12 wrapped boxes with numbers attached, 1-12.
  9. Starting DECEMBER 1 - UNWRAPPING 1 ORNAMENT AT A TIME: Starting on the 1st day of December each person will open ONLY 1 Ornament.
    • Example: STARTING on December 1, you will open the ornament with a #1;
      • December 2, you will open #2, and so on...
  10. The swap hostess will send a reminder email to give you a heads up that it’s time to mail wrapped ornaments around Thanksgiving.

*I will blog and take a picture of each ornament on my blog site: http://kgroshek.blogspot.com/ 


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