Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crazy Running Gal: Montana State #32

One thing is for sure, when I travel, I learn to appreciate what I have, down to my simple taste in coffee.  I arrived at Triangle Park, early for the run.  The moon and stars still out.

We talk about the surprise that we see. What we expected to see in Montana and what we see so far, is actually very different.  We expected a very large park on more than 100 acres surrounded by mountains.  Instead, the park is small on the side of a lake.  A park we almost drive right by, thinking it was a trailer park.  The coffee, well, I must say tasted old and watered down.  What can I say, "I'm spoiled."

It's a cooler morning, they say it was expected to be in the mid 80's, I'm wearing a stocking cap and gloves for the start.  I'm ready to run.  The route is around the lake several times.

The run itself was nice.  The sky was lit up with yellows, reds and oranges from the sun popping up.  It was early, I'll give you that; but, I'm use to waking up with the crickets in the morning, then hearing the birds wake up, and see the changes in the sky.

As far as my run, chip time was lost, so was my garmin, it stopped at mile 6, so I had to guess.  It was a 8 loop run along the lake.  It was nice and I have to admit, not too bad.  I liked counting laps rather than worry about which mile I was on.  I finished top 4 in the half marathon group.

I'm proud to have completed #32 in 32 states.  This makes it my 66th lifetime half marathon. Woot!

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