Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Consciousness and the Absolute...

The truth is you are nobody.
You are nothing.
Yet you're everything.
How can you be nobody and everything? Because, You're not one thing…

Notice when I stop talking, how quiet it becomes, in your mind. This is the state I'm referring to, the state in between thoughts, when there is nothing going on, in that second, in that moment, when the mind is total quiet, the thoughts are not moving any longer. This is your true self, in that moment in between thoughts. Stay in that moment. Learn to put yourself in that state, whether you are in the market place or you are in a temple, wherever you are, learn to be still. It makes no difference what is going on around you. It makes no difference what other people are doing. You be still. When you are still, then there's peace. When you are still, there's happiness. Most of us have been taught that to be happy we have to receive something good. We have to have something nice happen to us to be happy, otherwise we are miserable. Yet the truth is, happiness is your very nature, unalloyed happiness, eternal happiness. You have to go way beyond thoughts, way beyond reasoning, way beyond anything and everything you have ever understood, to be consciousness, to understand consciousness. In order to do this, everything you believe must be dropped.

Everything you've been led to understand must be transcended. Everything that you can think
about has to go.

Your ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, up and down, frontwards and sideways, all these things have to be totally transcended, totally removed from your thinking patterns.


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