Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy Running Gal: Dublin Ohio 1/2 Marathon Goal

I seem to be back on track with my running. I am listening to my body much closer and making sure I take it slow and do enough weight lifting to make sure I'm strong enough and less injuries occur. 

On a spurt, I decided to fly down to New Orleans and run/walk the New Orleans half marathon at the end of January. And boy, I am glad that I did. I had a wonderful experience meeting up with Scott (who runs with Tim and on the the Johnson Creek bike trail sometimes), he showed me around the town, gave me a quick summary of the areas and talked about what job he and his engineering group is doing for the flood control. I ended up meeting someone after dinner, the night before the race, and we planned to meet up and walk to the race. We ran and walked the entire half together. It ended up being her first 1/2, and we had a really fun time finishing it. Now I'm on a roll, I drove down to Dublin Ohio, to run the Last Chance for Boston race. I was very happy that I actually ran the whole race and made it in 2:00.55 minutes. I was very surprised. I was trying to make it in 9 minute miles but the last 5 I started feeling a strain in my legs and didn't want to pull a muscle or over strain something else, so I slowed down. The run was unusual, because it was a 1 mile loop, running around in circles. The advantage to this was that I could monitor my time. Now I realize, after this race, that it would be nice to have a small watch that keeps mileage splits and tracks mileage. This would help me keep mileage goal paces. So, I'm going to start searching for a time watch, that's small, and can do that. I am heading to Fort Worth Texas this weekend to run in the 1/2 marathon there this weekend. Well, my wash is dry so I'm off to the gym.

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