Monday, November 3, 2014

Daily Post: Reality Creation...

A little girls wish....

My dream is that everyone gets along. I hope someday everyone stops bullying. The world would be a happier place without bullying. People need to treat others nicely all the time. If I would see someone being bullied, I would get an adult. I would tell that person to stop being mean. If there was no bullying, everyone would feel safe and happy.  

“My friend was being bullied by another student. I said, 

“Stop, that is not very nice to do to him.” 

The bully kept on being a bully. So I said again, 

“How would you like it if I kept on doing that to you?” 

Finally, he stopped hurting my friend. I learned that it is important to help someone that is being a victim to bullying. 

If you are brave, a bully doesn’t have a chance!

Always try to make a difference. This world needs peace and each of us need can change. 

Let’s step up and change this world!

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