Monday, November 3, 2014

New York City & Rock Hill, NY (Celebrate Life Half) #18

I am in New York this week, to attend several executive meetings and I decided to throw a side trip to run in another half marathon, chalking New York off my list. The only problem is it is very cold outside, even though I'm only 3 blocks from central park and there is no workout facility in the Wellington hotel. So, I may end up doing very little running this week before the big run. It is suppose to be around 60 degrees give or take, so I am hoping for a warmer, less windy run than in Texas. We will see. There was a big snow-dump in New York yesterday, they received around 13 inches, but today there is not much evidence of that snow. It must have been pretty light. My meetings ended up being very productive, market analysis and research conducted. And now I have tomorrow to team up with senior executives. I hope all goes well. I am going to take a walk to central park this evening. It's brisk outside, but will be refreshing. I got up early and took a walk around the area this morning, stopped at duane reade to pick up some necessities for the rest of the week, since the hotel has nothing. The Wellington sounds fancy, but I'm not too fond on the extras that I'm so spoiled and use to having, like a fitness center, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, geez. That's okay, I ran out and picked up what I needed. I also decided to stay in the city for the next couple of days, at the Comfort Inn, about a mile down on 71st street, still only a block away from Central Park, so I will try to continue to take walks there. The city is alive and hopping this morning, it still is a brisk 35 degrees, I could see my breadth this morning while walking. My meeting isn't until 1:00 this afternoon, so I plan to pack up around 11:30 and walk over to the other hotel and drop off my luggage, to ready myself for the meeting. I got back to my hotel, and put my running stuff on to head out to central park for a short run. I ran around the park once, there were some icy spots, but otherwise, it was a perfect morning for a run. There were site-seeing tourists, a few walkers and runners along the way. After a warm shower and packing up, i walked over to the upper west side, to my hotel, near the places were Sex and the City were filmed. I got settled and then readied myself to walk the 2 miles along broadway, down to Penn Station to my meeting. The meeting ended up being very valuable, Judy, the coach was very good and I met a lot of very talented executives. I plan to relax in the city for the remaining few days, and possibly take some more runs in the park, try some more routes. I'm guessing the park is only a couple miles wide. I got up and ran around the entire park today (central park), I think it's around a 5 mile stretch. It was nice and cool and there were several more runners out today. I then took a walk to the Lincoln Center where they play unusual films, films similar to those in the film festival. I went to class. It was in french, with english subtitles. It started at 2:30 and I just got home at around 4:10. It was a pretty good movie, unusual, but it had a very good point! I walked into Magnolias on the way home and got an oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie with coffee. But, my mouth was watering over all of the other things, lemon bars, fat-free (yea right) peanut butter bars, cupcakes. Yum, yum, yum! My last day in the city, I got up early, had a light breakfast and went out to run around central park. And was it a beautiful day to run. They were having a bike race around the park, it was neat to watch the slew of race bikes pass by me every so often. The weather was perfect. I'm back in my room, packing up and getting ready to head out to get my rental car to drive up to the Rock Hill Lodge in Rock Hill New York. Stay on the safe side, will write more later. The drive was beautiful, there were sprawling mountains along the way. I drove south through Jersey, then back around north to New York. I arrived at The Lodge, it smells of cedar and has very large rooms, much different than the 200 sq ft room in the city, with the bed butting right up to all 3 walls with a tv squished on the end. Anyway, I drove to pick up some G2 and am planning to pick up some pasta from AJ pizza rock which is a short walk away from the Lodge. I was able to get a late check out, so I have time to get a shower in before I head back to the airport tomorrow afternoon. Rest for tonight. Well, the run included "rolling hills" and it was mostly rolling up-hill! It was a tough run for me, I just wasn't really ready for this run, but I finished with a time of 2:11. That's okay, I finished under 2:30 which is better than I felt my body could take me, this time. Especially, with the little amount of training. I got a really cool windbreaker but didn't receive a medal, so I requested a finisher medal, special to add to my collection. We will see how it goes. That's it for my New York Trip.

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