Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 New Years Resolution ‪#‎Kimssüperawesome2015‬ #crazyrunninggal

In 2014, I made several resolutions that were new and "outside of my comfort zone." They worked out pretty well and the experience was amazing. These resolutions, like: Salsa dancing which I did lessons with my husband in the city once a week with a Salsa group on Thursday evenings or traveling to Belize and seeing if it might, just might, be a place were my husband and I will want to retire during the winter months or practicing Yoga on a regular basis. All of these and more have given me a whole new perspective on life. So this year, I am going to try some more new things, and post my resolutions for the next several days. Let's see what 2015 brings us this year!!!

(2015) New Years resolution number 1: Join a singing group and start singing my lungs out. ‪#‎Kimssüperawesome2015‬

(2015) New Years resolution number 2: Clean out items I don't use anymore, give them to goodwill, book exchange and throw them away. Take it one day at a time. Clearing out and Let those things go. Item-by-item in each room, room-by-room. ‪#‎Kimssüperawesome2015‬

(2015) New Years resolution number 3: Be kinder to myself, allow myself room to grow and explore my inner talents with food in the kitchen and try a new recipe at least one new recipe a month. Just because I think I can't do something doesn't mean I can't, just TRY and see what comes out of the experience. I am a grown up, let go of all those silly negative thoughts and stories I hear others say that I am not a cook, when really I AM! 

(2015) New Years resolution number 4: Stop with all the self denigratory thoughts already. They're not doing anything for you babe. You're an alright gal, improvements could be made. Enough. Forward ho!‪#‎Kimssüperawesome2015‬ (I got this one from Rachel, thank you)

(2015) New Years resolution 5: Go out dancing with my husband at least once a month. Any kind, Salsa is fun and even try something new! Just get out there! ‪#‎Kimssüperawesome2015‬

(2015) New Years resolution 6: Make myself something new that I can wear, that's special and stylish and plan a date to go somewhere special to show me off in it! Get that sewing machine out, dust off the buttons and lube the gears and have fun creating!

(2015) New Years resolution 7: Continue to keep the good things going. Keep the regular practices that have been working in my life! Those things like yoga, running, meditation, and writing daily. Try practicing yoga on my own. Let's see how this works for me! 

(2015) New Years resolution 8: Practice gratitude daily. Not only to practice being grateful for my own life, but offer a note of gratitude to someone once a week. Offer gratitude to a person, a personal hug in person, a special note that I notice about someone who I am grateful for!

(2015) New Years resolution 9: Make an effort to reach out to my close friends and sisters on a regular basis. I've been trying to do this more, let's keep the efforts going, and be there to listen more and talk less. (this will be an interesting effort).

(2015) New Years resolution 10: Last but not least, #10, Bring Back what I use to do, spend 1:1 time with family and friends - at least once a month or more! Reach out to someone new and ask them to meet for coffee, breakfast, or dinner, a new person at least one a month or more. I use to do this on a regular basis and my weeks were full of wonderful friendship and conversation. For some reason I stopped this for the past several years. I can't wait to start this up again. It might be you! Can't wait to hear all of your wonderful stories and gifts you are offering to your loved ones, friends and your communities.

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