Thursday, December 25, 2014

Daily Post: Holiday Reflection...

As I sit here, during the early morning hours, sipping my morning tea.  Tea that is a little more special today because it is a gift from my daughter.  The tea is Spiced Caramel Apple from the Fava Tea Company.

I reflect on my little family and our Christmas traditions.

Every Christmas Eve, we relax around the roaring fire, enjoying our specialty drinks, playing trivia and other traditional board games.  Eating a simple dinner.  At these times, sometimes I wish, "I liked to cook so that I had a table full of fun tasty foods for my family."  But, we make do.

On this eve of the represented day, nightfall arrives, both of my favorite people look at me with cute little smiles.  They have knowing looks, "Let's open just One gift.".

They look at each other and laugh, with knowing that the one gift will lead to more  (This is OUR tradition).

Every year they know their first gift will be pajamas  (This is OUR tradition).  I love giving each one of my favorite people snuggly pajamas.  Because it stays with them each day of the year.  I see them wearing those same PJ's, from this year and previous years, knowing they too remember it as a cozy gift from the heart.  This reflects true, warm-love, the care that was taken when selecting, "just the right" Pj's for this year.

Yes, it's Christmas, a celebration on the 25th day of December, chosen by a pope many moons ago.  (Christmas was originally celebrated on January 6th for over 380 years, and changed to December 25th by the Pope, because this day associated Jesus with the 'sun of righteousness' relating to a 12th century tradition to celebrate the sun god and celebrate the winter solstice. )  

This is a season of advent, celebrated by Christians throughout the world, a day to remember the birth of Jesus, on May 20th, 

It's nice to have a designated day to remember all of the spiritual disciples who forged the path of enlightenment all of those years ago.

This holiday brightens the longest, darkest, most dreary time near solstice.  Christmas is magical, gives a sense of wonder and hope.

May all of the sweet magic
 of Christmas bring joy to your hearts and fill you and your loved ones with every desire.

~From our house to yours.

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