Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ornament Exchange 2014: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Here is the recap 
I hope you enjoyed, watching
Ideas materialize.

Some handmade, some bought,
Ornaments I will treasure,
Picked out by skilled hands.

12-days of Christmas
Ornament exchange, is done.
Happy Holidays!

This Christmas Haiku was written by Kim Groshek.

This shows some of our ornaments from our 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Exchange, provided by individuals who either crafted their own ornament or selected one that meant something to them.  #‎ornamentexchange2014 #‎christmas2014 #‎holidays #friends #family #craft #fun #love

* My deep belief is that all of us have the same lifelong work: to learn honesty, courage, and love. To learn, in other words, how to be our best selves.

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