Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daily Post: Counting Crows...

My daughter and I were talking during our walk about the impacts we are contributing to our environment. I was thinking back on my many conversations, and once they heard what I was up to, they become inspired and say, "You should run for office!" I laugh.

Today, as I conversed with my daughter, I put myself in a politicians shoes, pretending I was the president.

The administration must consider everything like a chess game. And of course, there are so many confidential things that I wouldn't even know right now to look at the overall picture. 

My question is, why wouldn't one look at the long-term affects that are impacting our environment? We've depreciated some compounds that are no longer found in the soil, required for our body to absorb major nutrients and vitamins. I take this compound knowing this, since I've been studying nutrition and foods. It's like a chemistry experiment.

Can I really put myself in someones political shoes, Everyone says I should run for office. Why not? What would it take? I answer, lots: Money, Connections, Ideas (Well, I have those of course) and Political Smarts (Hmm, not really there). I always say, "I could never run for office because I do not know much about politics, I would probably snuffed out quickly."

We got back after a mainly one-sided heated discussion with, almost, myself, hearing the Big Yellow Taxi song sung by Counting Crows.  Very relevant to this topic.

That's the way I see it Today!

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